Seasons Archive 2016/17

Welcome to the under 6 page and their news this season

Bethel FC Under 6's 2016-2017

Here we are at the start of a new season 2016-17 and with a new team. The team are looking forward to starting their first season with Arwel Jones coaching them and are ready for some fun and a taste of football

dan 6

Yn y tîm y tymor yma mae:
Caio, Elis, Cai a Olly (back, left to right)
Owain, Sion, Cedri a Cain (front, left to right)

dan 6
dan 6

The team had been very fortunate to have Redline indoor karting to sponsor very smart waterproof jackets. The lads and their parents would like to thank Rich (Max's Taid), John and Jimmy for their generosity and support and to Sharon (Max's Nain) for ensuring the jackets arrived before the winter weather. The lads were invited to Cibyn to the go karting centre to receive their new jackets, chocolate and drink. They were in their element standing on the podium. Well done.

Saturday November 5, 2016

Talysarn (5) V Bethel (0)

Talysarn (2) V Bethel (1)
Scorer: Caio

A good game today on a bitterly cold morning. The boys battled to prevent the opposition from scoring more and were in good spirits despite the defeat.

dan 6
dan 6

Saturday October 22, 2016

Bethel (2) V Llandwrog (0)
Scorer: Caio (2)

Bethel (4) V Llandwrog (0)
Scorers: Caio (3), Cain (1).

Everyone played fantastically, well done boys!

dan 6








Saturday October 16, 2016

Bethel (2) V Mynydd Tigers (1)
Scorers: Caio (1), Elils (1)

Bethel (2) V Mynydd Tigers (0)
Scorers: Caio (1), Elis (1)

Our second game on the season on Bethesda’s Rugby pitch. The boys were full of energy on a cold and wet morning. The boys played superbly, well done boys!

dan 6
dan 6
dan 6 dan 6

Saturday 24 September 2016

Bethel (5) V Segontiwm (2)
Scorers: Caio (3), Owain (1), Elis (1).

Bethel (3) V Segontiwm (1)
Scorers: Caio (2), Elis (1)

Our first game of the season this morning and everyone was in good spirits. The boys were full of enthusiasm and ready for their first game. The team played fantastically well, well done to the boys. The team boys combined well and performed as a team to win their first game!

dan 6
dan 6

Here we are at the start of the new season 2016-17 and the team are looking forward to starting training with Andrew and showing their new kit.

O dan 7

The team have received a kit through the McDonalds scheme and are very lucky to have Cled and Susan sponsoring them this season.

Thank you to Cled and Susan (Taid a Nain)!

O dan 7

In the team this season are:

Deio, Steffan ac Adam (back, left to right)
Max a Riley (front, left to right)




Many congratulations to this seasons under 7’s, they played 20 games, winning each one and scored 204 goals without counting the numerous tournaments. Well done to you all and all the best for next season with a goal keeper.

under 7’s

A Picture of the boys after the game against Llanrug. Pouring with rain.

under 7’s

Rio and Tomi supporting the boys in the rain!!

under 7’s

Bethel Under 7’s relaxing after the Gwyrfai tournament

under 7’s

Bethel Under 7’s relaxing after the Gwyrfai tournament

under 7’s

Deio, Andrew (Dad) and Sion (Taid) sheltering from the rain.





The team have enjoyed and been succesful in the tournaments below:
5/5/17 – Bangor 3G tournament
28/4/17 - Gwyrfair Tournament
21/4/17 – Bangor 3G tournament
Although the season has come to an end, the team will be taking part in tournaments at Cae Glyn, Llanrug and Bethesda during June before competing in a summer tournament with a goalkeeper as preparation for next season. All the best boys!

Friay 12 May 2017
1st game: Bethel (6) V Llanrug (3)
Scorers: Max (1) Riley (1) Steffan (1) Deio (2) Caio (1)

We welcomed Caio tonight as Adam was on holidays. It was a great start for Caio as he scored within seconds of coming onto the field. There was no second game tonight as it was pouring with rain. Well done boys for persevering despite the rain, the had fun!

Saturday 22 April 2017
1st game: Llanberis (3) V Bethel (4)
2nd game: Llanberis (0) V Bethel (7)
Scorers: Max (3) Riley (2) Seffan (3) Deio (2) OG (1)

Saturday 11 Mawrth 2017
1st game: Llandwrog (0) V Bethel (3)
2nd game: Llandwrog (1) V Bethel (7)
Scorers: Max (3) Riley (2) Steffan (5)

Saturday 04 Mawrth 2017
1st game: Bethel (7) V Mynydd Tigers (0)
2nd game: Bethel (13) V Mynydd Tigers (0)
Scorers: Max (6) Riley (1) Steffan (5) Deio (8)
Roedd y tîm yn colli Adam heddiw gan ei fod i ffwrdd ar ei wyliau.

Saturday 28 Ionawr 2017
1st game: Segontiwm (1) V Bethel (11)
Scorers: Max (4) Riley (2) Steffan (3) Deio (1) Adam (1)

Saturday 21 Ionawr 2017
1st game: Bethel (14) V Bethesda (0)
Scorers: Max (4) Riley (2) Steffan (5) Deio (2)

Saturday 14 Ionawr 2017
1st game: Bethel (4) V Cae Glyn (2)
2nd game: Bethel (2) V Cae Glyn (2)
Scorers: Max (1) Steffan (3) Deio (1) Adam (1)

Nos Wener 30/12/16 - Twrnament gyfeillgar ar gae 3G Bangor
Llwyddodd yr hogia' i chwarae yn dda iawn yn erbyn timau lleol heno ar gae 3G Bangor.
Diolch yn fawr i Mathew Roberts a drefnodd y noson.

Redline indoor karting

The team had been very fortunate to have Redline indoor karting to sponsor very smart waterproof jackets. The lads and their parents would like to thank Rich (Max's Taid), John and Jimmy for their generosity and support and to Sharon (Max's Nain) for ensuring the jackets arrived before the winter weather. The lads were invited to Cibyn to the go karting centre to receive their new jackets, chocolate and drink. They were in their element standing on the podium. Well done.

Redline Redline



Friday evening, a friendly tournament on Bangor's 3G pitch

The lads gave a good account of themselves against local teams held on Bangor's 3G pitch. Thanks for Mathew Roberts who organised the evening.

under 7’s

The all important team talks!!

under 7’s

The all important team talks!!

under 7’s

A picture of Mali helping Dad (Andew) after supporting her brother Deio. Thank you Mali.

under 7’s

The boys happy after a good evening of games

Saturday 10 December 2016
This was the last game before the Christmas at Glan Moelyn, Llanrug.
Llanrug (3) - Bethel(4)
Scorers: Steffan (2) Max (2)

Llanrug (0) V Bethel (1)
Scorer: Max (1)

A good season so far for the boys with everyone getting enjoyment in a friendly atmosphere, and the weather has been kind. There is a lot of fun to be had on cold days. Everyone is looking forward to returning to training and the first game of the new year on the 7th January at Llanberis.

Saturday 19 November 2016
Bethel (5) - Felinheli (1)
Scorers: Riley (2) Max (2) Steffan (1)

Bethel (5) - Felinheli (0)
Scorer: Steffan (3) Max (2)

Saturday 12 November 2016
Bontnewydd (0) - Bethel (4)
Scorers: Deio (1) Max (1) Riley (2)

Bontnewydd (1) V Bethel (9)
Scorers: Deio (3) Steffan (2) Riley (2) Max (1) OG (1)

Saturday 5 November 2016
Bethel (9) - Talysarn (1)
Scorers: Riley (2) Max (4) Steffan (3)

Bethel (7) - Talysarn (0)
Scorers: Max (3) Riley (2) Steffan (1) Adam (1)

Saturday 22 October 2016
Bethel (10) - Llandwrog (0)
Scorers: Steffan (4) Max (3) Deio (1) Riley (2)

Bethel (2) - Llandwrog (0)
Scorers: Riley (1) Steffan (1)

Saturday 15 October 2016
Mynydd Tigers (0) - Bethel (5)
Scorers: Max (2) Steffan (1) Riley (1) Deio (1)

Mynydd Tigers (0) V Bethel (2)
Scorers: Steffan (1) Riley (1)

O dan 6Saturday 8 October 2016
Bethel (10) - Waunfawr (0)
Scorers: Steffan (4) Max (3) Riley (1) Deio (1) Adam (1)

Bethel (9) - Waunfawr (1)
Scorers: Steffan (4) Deio (3) Riley (1) Max (1)


Saturday 1 October 2016

Penrhosgarnedd (1) V Bethel (6)
Scorers: Max (3), Steffan (2), Deio (1)

In the middle of the rain, the team managed to play well together securing another victory. One game was enough this morning!

Saturday 24 September 2016

Bethel (8) V Segontiwm (0)
Bethel (10) V Segontiwm (2)

Our first home game of the season. The team played fantasic, well done to the boys!

Saturday 17 September 2016

Bethesda (0) V Bethel (8)
Scorers: Max (5), Steffan, Deio (2)

Bethesda (1) V Bethel (11)
Scorers: Steffan, Max (3), Riley (4), Deio (3)

Good games on the Bethesda field this morning. Well done to Bethesda playing for the first time.

Saturday 10 September 2016

Cae Glyn (1) V Bethel (2)
Scorers: Max (2)

Cae Glyn (1) V Bethel (4)
Scorers: Max, Steffan (2), Deio

The first game of season, and like the previous season we were playing at Syr Hugh against Cae Glyn. The boys were looking forward and were full of energy.
The boys managed to win both games and everyone was in good spirits.

Under 8's

Welcome to the under 8's page and their season's exploits. Thanks to the managers and coaches for their work with the players.

Saturday 29 April 2017 Bethel v Llanrug

No doubt influenced by the recent Manchester derby, neither seem had few scoring chances. Bethel's defence was once again solid and Liam tried everything to get the precious goal which finally came as a cross from the wing hit an unforrtante Llanrug defender to divert the ball into his own net. A great derby win in the last game of the season.


Here are the statistics -

Before Christmas

  Pld W D L GF GA GD
Bethel 11 4 3 4 19 20 -3

After mid season break

  Pld W D L GF GA GD
Bethel 10 6 2 2 31 9 22

Full seasons statistics

  Pld W D L GF GA GD
Bethel 21 10 5 6 50


Thursday 27 April 2017 Bethel v Llanberis

The team played as it was a cup final tonight and were almost too anxious to score! Bethel dominated and at times it looked like Llanber had parked the bus. Nia the keeper lost patience and asked to come out and indeed it was she who scored the goal in a 1-1 draw.


Saturday 22 April 2017 Nantlle Vale v Bethel

The best efforts of the season from all the players this week with a competitive game on a larger pitch in warm weather. All players deserve a mention for their contribution, Gruff for excellent ball control, Iestyn for his strength and power, Jac for his enthusiasm, Josh for excellent saves, Riwann for his energy and Siôn Morris for speed in both defence and attack.

The game was so intense that we werent sure of the result but according to many it finished 3-2 to the home team with Iestyn and Llŷr scoring for Bethel. Several chances went begging so need to put the shooting boots on for the last few games and the upcoming tournaments.


Thursday April 4 2017 Felinheli v Bethel

Bethel were treated to some style today, as it wasn't possible to play on Saturday we were invited to play on the all weather surface at the Brailsford centre in Bangor on a Tuesday evening. The marginal gains from being able to accurately pass the ball worked in Bethel favour, although at times the ball travelled too quickly. Two games were played with Bethel deserved winners by 4-2 and 3-1 respectively with Felin's goal (and fframe) under presure ond several occasions. It was Liam who shone with several of goals with Llŷr marshalling the defence. Well done.


Saturday 18 March 2017 Bethel v Bethesda

Down to the bare bones today with only 6 of the squad available. Everyone had to work tirelessly under a hot sun (where has that been until now) to achieve a 2-1 win with Iestyn scoring twice but it was Llyr rising from his death-bed who stood out with a performance better than anyone else throughout the season, with his strong tackling, reading of the game and excellent carries from defence.


Saturday 18 March 2017 Bethel vs Bontnewydd

Another excellent team performance creating several scoring chances, defending resolutely and supporting each other with accurate passing. The final score in the 1st game was 6-0 with Llyr, Iestyn and Liam among the scorers, while it finished 3-1 in the 2nd with Jac and Siôn Davies adding their names to the score chart. Well done!!


Saturday 11 March 2017 Llandwrog vs Bethel

A disciplined performance from the team this week following many weeks of postponements, mainly due to the weather. The understanding and team work was excellent. Bethel scored twice in a 2-0 victory in both games with Llyr scoring twice and Iestyn and Jac the others.


Saturday 11 February 2017 Waunfawr vs Bethel

This was the game where everything clicked with quick and accurate passing opening the opposition on several occasions. The goals were shared among the team with Gruff (in his new boots) opening the floodgates in the 1st minute. A great victory!!


Saturday 28 January 2017 Segontiwm vs Bethel

Bethel agreed to one extended game on the request of the home team, which was lucky for Bethel as the squad was depleted due to illness. The whole team showed character in the cold and wet conditions with Iestyn in particular showing his strength and Gruff his dedication and tireless attitude in a 3-1 win with Iestyn scoring all the goals.


Saturday14 January 2017 Bethel v Cae Glyn

A strong and large squad from Cae Glyn visited today with three games being played to ensure the opposition all had one full game. Cae Glyn's play and passing was very good as usual but the strongest sides playing in the final match. The games was fast and physical!! Ce Glyn scored first during the first half but Bethel attacked in the second half with the Cae Glyn keeper making several good saves to deny Bethel. Bethel's domination was confirmed by Iestyn in Bethels goal being annoyed at having so little to do.


Saturday December 10 Llanrug v Bethel

A disappointing end to the season with the work on the training absent from today's game. A heavy defeat was the outcome in the first game but Nia brought energy, enthusiasm and positivity in the second game which resulted in a victory. The coach's assessment was that Christmas should be cancelled and hoped to avoid the dreaded vote of confidence from the chairman. Onwards to 2017.


Saturday December 3 Bethel v Nantlle Vale

Two close games this morning from both sides but Liam stood out as the best player on the pitch. He received good support from his Bethel team mates but it finished 2-1 to the opposition. In the second game, there was a debut appearance in goal by Riwann and he did superbly, saving several efforts with his feet. With Bethel threatening frequently, they finished victorious 2-1 with Sion Morris one of the scorers.


Saturday November 26 Llanberis v Bethel

It was -3°C in the car as the game started on this Saturday!!! There were plenty of chances for Bethel but only one goal scored by Liam. Iestyn had his first game as keeper and produced several good saved to keep a clean sheet. In the second game there were was a flurry of goals with Bethel the wrong end of a 5-3 score line.


Saturday November 5 Bethesda v Bethel

A combination of playing on Bangor's 3G pitch on Friday night until 7:30 and squad rotation meant that the team weren't at their best against Bethesda. Gruff scored in a defeat in the first game but things improved in the second and it finished 2-2 with Iestyn scoring both goals. Special praise for Gruff and Llyr who worked tirelessly throughout the morning.


Saturday November 5 Bethel v Bontnewydd

There was a lack of fireworks on bonfire day with Bethel constantly on the attack, but had left their shooting boots at home and it finished 0-0. In order for all the opposition to get a game it was decided to play 6 a side which meant there was less space on the pitch hand passing was difficult, but in the second game a goal came at least from Iestyn and it finished 1-0 to Bethel.


Saturday October 29 Bethel v Llandwrog (H)

The team were back to normal and controlled the game with the statistics showing that Bethel attacked constantly. But stats don't always count with Llandwrog sgoring first with the ball glancing off Gruff's boot for an own goal. A further defensive mistake led to the second goal but Bethel then attacked non stop with Iestyn pulling a goal back but despite some Fergie time the clock saved the opposition. The second game was close which Bethel won 1-0.


Saturday October 15 Mynydd Tigers v Bethel

A frustrating game this morning with several chances for Bethel but the final simple pass not fining a player. Examples were Gruff and Liam chasing the same ball with the goal begging and then hitting the post to record the 1st loss this season by 4-2 with Liam and Iestyn sgoing for Bethel.

In the second game Jac made a strong claim to start the next game with a brave performance and a string of goals, which the poor manager lost count of.


Saturday October 8 Bethel vs Waunfawr

A lovely day today and the quality of Bethel's play shone through. The team once again dominated the play and created chance after chance on the first game which they won 3-0 with goals from Gruff, Iestyn and Llyr.

In the second game Gruff, Llyr and Iestyn managed the defence as they had done throughout the years and a result stopped the opposition from scoring with Jac and Iestyn netting in a 2-0 win.


Saturday October 1 v Penrhosgarnedd vs Bethel

We were faced with wet weather in Bangor on the first day of the month. In addition, Penrhos had decided to follow the silly Gwyrfai league recommendation and use the large 12’ x 6’ goals for under 8's!! So it was difficult to keep a record of the goals in the first game

Keeping it simple as the Bethel ethos on a heavy wet pitch and it was a deserved 3-3 draw with goals from Liam and Iestyn (2). Nia also made an impression on the opposition manager with good positional play and supporting the team.
The second game was similar with Gruff controlling the game and Llyr leading the defence.

Well done all and plenty of time to put their feet in manure to grow to fill these huge goals.


Saturday September 24, 2016 Bethel v Segontiwm

A new pitch this week as the regular pitch is having work done, but the team quickly become accustomed to the change, controlling the 1st game totally and winning 2-0. Iestyn and Llyr working well in partnerships with two assists from Iestyn provided the goals for Llyr. Nia's contribution in centre mid and Liam in the defence (both like Beckenbauer!) were valuable.

There was some solid defending required in the second game with Iestyn like an umoveable wall at the back and Gruff making several fine saves. Two counter attacks resulted in Liam playing great balls to Iestyn to run through the defence to secure a 2-0 win.

The standard continues, well done!


Saturday September 17 2016 Bethel v Maes y Bryn

The 2016-17 season commenced with a larger pitch, bigger goals and 5 a side. The team are growing up quickly.

A strong Maes y Bryn side visited Coed Bolyn but Bethel started with enthusiasm with the hard work on the training ground apparent with great passing. Iestyn started the season on fire with a hat-tick but he was ably supported by the rest of the team. Liam was the other scorer in a 4-0 win.
In the second game, Maes y Bryn were victorious, but everyone had valuable time on the pitch and chances to play in unfamiliar positions.

Welcome to the under 16's page and their season's exploits. Thanks to the managers and coaches for their work with the players.

Saturday December 3 2016

Bethel 6 - Penrhosgarnedd 1
Scorers: Rhydian 2, Owain 2, Caio, Gethin

Bethel's best performance of the season so far, controlling the game from the start and continuing to work together and battle until the end. Bethel scored twice in the first half, the first from a corner that was headed in by Rhydian and the second following a great pass from Morgan to Owain to slip the ball past the keeper. Indeed, if it wasn't for several good saves from the keeper the score could have been more. In the second half good team interplay led to Caio netting from the left before Gethin scored, planting the ball in the top left of the goal. Owain scored the 5th and his second before Bethel conceded, but Rhydian's determination led to the 6th right on the final whistle.

Saturday 26 November 2016

League Cup

Bethel 4 - Penrhos 2
Scorers: Caio 2, Gethin, Gwilym

Bethel's first game in their temporary home since September. Bethel started well and went headed following a counter attack from defence which led to Gethin netting. Bethel had several good chances but failed to capitalise with the Penrhos keeper making a couple of good saves, and Penrhos responded with two goals to lead 2-1. It stayed at 2-1 well into the second half but gradually Bethel gained the ascendency and drew level following a good pass from Owain which was helped on by Gethin to Caio who maintained his composure to score. Gwilym scored the third with a great solo goal, beating several defenders and striking a powerful shot into the net. The victory was sealed as perseverance from Huw and Rhydian won a free kick which Caio fired into the net.

Saturday 19 November 2016

Bethesda 2 - Bethel 2
Scorers: Cian, Gwilym

Despite Bethel having their fair share of possession, it was the home team that went ahead with Bethel unable to close down a shot from distance, and despite plenty of endeavour it stayed 1-0 at half time. Bethel controlled the second half and deservedly drew level with a header from Cian from a corner from Caio, but unfortunately conceded soon afterwards. Bethel showed character to draw level a second time with Gwilym heading home after another Caio corner. It was only the Bethesda keeper who stood between a Bethel win, but Bethel deservedly clinching a share of the spoils.

22 October 2016

NWCFA/Cwpan Arfordir Gogledd Cymru
Penrhyndeudraeth 4 - Bethel 2

Scorers: Gethin, Owain

Bethel put in a spirited display and deserved to have got something out of the game, but unfortunately were knocked out of the cup to two late goals

15 October 2016

Mynydd Tigers 6 - Bethel 5
Scorers: Gethin 2, Huw, Caio, Owain

1 October 2016

NWCFA/Cwpan Arfordir Gogledd Cymru
Cae Glyn 3 - Bethel 4
Scorers: Caio, Gethin, Morgan, Owain

Bethel stunned the same opposition who'd beaten the previous weekend. the first goal game from the penalty spot with Caio netting but Cae Glyn responded soon after. Before half-time Owain passed for Gethin to score. In the second half Morgan scored with a great long distance strike before Owain headed over the keeper to make it 4. Bethel withstood Cae Glyn for a deserved win!

24 September 2016
Cae Glyn 8 - Bethel 0

17 September 2016
Bethel 0 - Llanberis 7

10 September 2016
Bethel 5 - Talsarn 7

Scorers: Gethin 4, Caio