Seasons Archive 2010/11

2010/11 Season

Tuesday, 26th April 2011
CPD Glantraeth 2 - 0 CPD Bethel

Saturday, 23rd April 2011.
Tarian Goffa Bob Owen Memorial Shield Round Two.
CPD Bethel 1 - 3 Llanfairfechan Town FC
Sam Williams 13 mins.
Dafydd Parry 79 mins.

Tuesday, 19th April 2011.
Bangor City FC 1 - 7 CPD Bethel
Sam Williams 2/45/53/60 mins.
Aled Steele 32 mins.
Gary Jones 62 mins.
Dyfan Coles 80 mins.

Saturday, 16th April 2011
CPD Bethel 3 - 5 CPD Bro Goronwy
Gary Jones 35 mins.
Lee Allen 48 mins.
Sam Williams 67 mins.

Tuesday, 12th April 2011
CPD Bontnewydd 1 - 3 CPD Bethel
Sam Williams 65/85 mins.
Lee Allen 89 mins.

Saturday, 9th April 2011
CPD Glantraeth 3 - 2 CPD Bethel
Sam Williams 56/57 mins.

Saturday, 2nd April 2011
Bob Owen Memorial Shield Round One
CPD Bethel 4 - 3 Beaumaris Town FC
Aled Steele 24 mins.
Lee Allen 51/74/84(p) mins.

Tuesday, 29th March 2011
CPD Bethel 0 - 1 Bangor University

Saturday, 26th March 2011
NWCFA Intermediate Cup Semi-Finals
CPD Bethel 0 - 1 CPD Glantraeth

Saturday, 5th March 2011
Gwynedd Safeflue Shield Round Two
CPD Bethel 2 - 3 CPD Bro Goronwy
Dyfan Coles 27/37 mins.

Saturday, 19th February 2011
CPD Bethel 2 - 7 Beaumaris Town FC

Lee Allen 48/73(p) mins. mins.

Saturday, 29th January 2011
NWCFA Intermediate Cup Round Three
CPD Bethel 3 - 1 Bangor City FC
Dyfan Coles 28 mins.
Lee Allen 50/64(pen) mins.

Saturday, 22nd January 2011
CPD Bethel 2 - 3 Holyhead Hotspur FC
Lee Allen
Terry Jones
Jordan Jones (2)
Dan Doyle
(times of goals not given)

Saturday, 8th January 2011
Holyhead Hotspur FC 4 - 0 CPD Bethel

Saturday December 11, 2010
Beaumaris Town FC 5 - 2 CPD Bethel
Aled Steele 34 mins
Gary Jones 85 mins

Saturday November 20, 2010
Llanfairfechan Town FC 5 - 2 CPD Bethel
Emlyn Roberts 4 mins
Sam Williams 72 mins

Tuesday November 16, 2010
Bangor University FC 6 - 0 CPD Bethel

Saturday November 6, 2010
Black Dragon Badges Premier Cup Round Two
CPD Bethel 2 - 4 CPD Glantraeth
Lee Allen 4 mins
Sam Williams (pen) 69 mins

Tuesday, 5th October 2010
Bangor University A CPD Bethel
- abandoned due to floodlight failure.

Friday, 8th October 2010
Bangor City 1 - 4 CPD Bethel
John Owen 36 mins
Sam Williams 27 mins.
Lee Allen 32/45/75 mins.

Saturday, 2nd October 2010
CPD Bethel 6 – 0 Aston Park Rangers
Lee Allen 48 mins.
Emlyn Roberts 69 mins.
Sam Williams 55/65/72/84(p) mins.

Saturday September 4th August 2010
CPD Bro Goronwy P CPD Bethel
No Referee Avalable.

Saturday 28th August 2010
CPD Bethel 3 - 2 CPD Glantraeth
Sam Williams 19 mins.
Ben Bolton 65 mins.
Aled Steele 80 mins.

Wednesday 25th August 2010
CPD Bethel 5 - 3 CPD Bontnewydd
Kevin Davies 18/40/70 mins
Aled Steele 61 mins
Sam Williams 73 mins

Saturday 21st August 2010
CPD Llanfairpwll 6 - 1 CPD Bethel
Dyfan Coles 87 mins

Tuesday 17th August 2010
CPD Bethel 4 - 1 Bangor City
Kevin Davies 18 mins
Sam Williams 23/31/65 mins

Saturday, 14th August 2010
CPD Bethel 0 - 2 FC Nomads
Lee Molyneux 71/79 mins


Results 2010 - 2011

Saturday 4 June 2011
Under 7 - Gwyrfai Tournament Champions

dan 7

On Saturday 4 June 2011, Nantlle Vale hosted the Gwyrfai Under 7's tournament at Penygroes.

A total of 18 teams participated, including 2 teams from Bethel. The teams were split into 3 groups of 6.

Bethel A won the tournament and competed with the same 4 players throughout the day which were Ben Evans, Elis Jones, Dylan Roberts and Rhys Hughes. In their group Bethel won 3, drew 1 and lost 1.

In the quarter final the boys won comfortably, defeating Bontnewydd by 6 goals to 0.

In the semi final, it finished 1-1 against Llanberis after normal time. It was decided by a golden goal, approximately 6 minutes when Rhys Hughes won it for Bethel.

tim dan 7

In the final, Llewod Llanrug stood between Bethel and the cup. The team won 2-1 with Elis Jones and Ben Evans the scorers for Bethel.

The top scorer for Bethel during the tournament was Ben Evans.

Results 2010 - 2011

Monday 27June 2011
Tlws yr ECO Tournament

12 teams competed this year, split into two groups of 6. Bethel A won each of their group games without conceding a goal. In the semi final Bethel A played Bethel B and it was a very competitive and difficult game which Bethel A won 2-0.

In the final our opponents were Llanrug A and for this game, the field was made a little larger. The boys played superbly and controlled the game from start to finish and were victorius by 3-0. Without several excellent saves from the Llanrug goalkeeper the score could have been higher.

For the 3rd year running, Bethel have won the Tlws yr Eco tournament. Well done boys, another excellent season once again.


June 2011

Llanfairpwll Tournament Under 8 Champions


Sunday 5 June 2011

Bethel had once again been placed in a difficult group. The boys played extremely well, at times, as well as I've seen them play. All the games were difficult and very competitive and it was a tribute to the boys that they won their group. The results were as follows

Bethel 3 Penrhos B 0 (Huw, Owain 2)
Bethel 1 Cae Glyn Coch 1 (Callum)
Bethel 1 Mynydd Tigers 0 (Owain)
Bethel 2 Segontiwm 0 (Callum, Owain)
Bethel 0 Nantlle Vale 0

In the semi-final, Cae Glyn blues were our opposition. The game was again close and goal-less after normal time. Therefore, the teams played on until the golden goal was scored and this time Cae Glyn emerged victorious after a fortuitous goal.

Well done lads.

Saturday 21 May 2011
Bontnewydd A v Bethel A

Game 1: 2 - 2
Scorers: Callum, Owain

Game 2: 0 - 3
Scorers: Owain 2, Josh

Thursday 19 May 2011
Bethel A v Nantlle Vale A

Game 1: 2 - 0
Scorers: Huw, Owain

Game 2: 1 - 0
Scorer: Josh

Saturday 30 April 2011
Nantlle Vale Tournament

With the sun shining a small group of players from Bethel Under 9's went to Nantlle Vale for the tournament. It was a very popular tournament with 24 teams participating from across North Wales broken into 3 groups.

The Bethel squad was:
Huw (captain), Ywain, Callum, Daniel, Sion Lewis, Gwyndaf and Owain

The following were the results from the group:
Bethel 1 Segontiwm 0 (Owain)
Bethel 0 Pwllheli A 2
Bethel 1 Penrhyn A (Owain)
Bethel 4 City Pumas 0 (Owain 2, Sion Lewis, Daniel)
Bethel 3 llanrug A 1 (Owain 3)
Bethel 0 Celtiaid Llanfair B 0
Bethel 1 Cae Glyn 0 (Daniel)

With a total of 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat the boys won their group with Pwllheli 2nd and Cae Glyn 3rd.

Semi Final
Bethel 1 Mynydd Tigers 0 (Huw)

A very difficult game against Mynydd Tigers. There was no score during therefore there was a need to play extra time. The lads were playing very well and if it wasn't for the Mynydd goalkeeper would have won the game comfortably. Huw won the game with a 'golden goal' with a great individual effort.

Bethel 0 Celtiaid Llanfair A 1

Our opponents in the final were Celtiaid Llanfair A. A great game once again with both sides having changes. In the end Llanfair were victorious with a lucky goal from a throw in.

By 7PM everyone was exhausted but very happy. Well done boys!


Wednesday 20 April 2011
Deiniolen v Bethel
Game 1: 0 - 8
Scorers: Owain 5, Callum 2, Huw 1
Game 2: 0 - 0
Saturday 16 April 2011

Bethel A v Mynydd Tigers A
Game 1: 0-0

Game 2: 1-0
Scorer: Osian

Wednesday 6 April 2011
Waunfawr v Bethel A

Game 1: 0 - 6
Scorers: Owain 3, Callum 2, Huw

Game 2: 0 - 2
Scorers: Daniel, Kyle

Wednesday 30 March 2011
Cae Glyn A v Bethel A
Game 1: 1 - 0
Game 2: 2 - 3
Scorers: Owain, Celt 2

Saturday 26 March 2011
Bethel A v Penrhos A
Game 1: - 3 - 0
Scorers: Owain, Callum, Huw

Game 2: 5 - 0
Scorers: Owain 4, Kyle

Saturday 19 March 2011
LLanrug A v Bethel A
Game 1: - 0 - 2
Scorers: Huw, Owain

Game 2: 0 - 3
Scorers: Owain, Osian, Callum

Saturday 5 March 2011
Bethel A v Cae Glyn
Game 1: - 0 - 0
Game 2: 3 - 1
Scorers: Daniel 2, Gwyndaf

Saturday 19 February 2011
Segontiwm A v Bethel A
Game 1 - 0:0

Game 2 - 0:1
Scorer: Huw

Saturday 12 February 2011
Bethel A v Bontnewydd A
Game 1 - 7:3
Scorers: Josh 2, Huw 2, Owain 3

Game 2 - 1:5
Scorer: Owain

Saturday November 20 2010
Mynydd Llandegai v Bethel A
Gem 1 - 1:0
Gem 2 - 0:2
Scorers: Owain (2)
Segontiwm B v Bethel B
Gem 1 - 1:7
Scorers: Celt 3, Cai 3, Twm 1

Saturday November 13
Nantlle Vale A v Bethel A
Game 1 - 0:2
Scorers: Huw, Owain
Game 2 - 0:1
Scorers: Owain

Bethel B v Cae Glyn B
Game 1 - 2:1
Scorers: Cai, Celt
Game 2 - 1:3
Scorer: Cai

Saturday November 6
Bethel A v Waunfawr
Game 1: 7:1
Scorers: Huw 3, Owain 3, Josh 1
Game 2: 4:0
Scorers: Gwyndaf 1, Josh 1, Sion Lewis 1, Ywain Emrys 1

Saturday 16 October
Penrhos A v Bethel A
Game 1 - 0:2
Scorers: Huw, Callum

Game 2 - 0:5
Scorers: Celt 3, Cai, Josh

Saturday 9 October
Bethel A v Llanrug A
Game 1 - 2:2
Scorers: Josh, Owain

Game 2 - 4:0
Scorers: Huw, Owain 2, Callum

Bethel B v City Pumas
Game 1- 6:2
Scorers Cai Llwyd Jones 3 ,Celt Moss 2 ,Twm Henri Williams 1
Game 2 - 0:3

Saturday 2 October 2010
Bethel A v Deiniolen
Game 1 - 5 : 1
Scorers: Owain 3, Huw 1, Ywain 1
Game 2 - 2 : 0
Scorers: Callum 1, Daniel 1
Llanrug B v Bethel B
Game 1 - 1 : 0
Game 2 - 1 : 0

Results 2010 - 2011

Tuesday 28 June
Tlws yr ECO Tournament

Both the A's and the B's took part in the tlws yr ECO tournament. Each of the 7 teams competed against each other and the top 4 went on to play each other in the semi final. The 4 top teams were Bethel A, Llanrug A, Llanberis and Deiniolen. In the semi final Bethel beat Llanberis 1-0 while Deiniolen beat Llanrug after penalties.

In the final, Bethel narrowly lost 1-0 but another great performance from the boys.

A fantasic season, the best yet!


Sunday 26 June 2011
Nefyn Tournament Champions

Bethel A competed in the Nefyn tournament which was held on Pwllehli Rugby and Cricket club at Efailnewydd. Under a hot sun, Bethel won each of their group games. The results were as follows.

Bethel 3 - Bro Ennlli B 1
Bethel 6 - Pwllheli B 0
Bethel 4 - Dolgellau 3
Bethel 8 - City Dragons 0
Bethel 3 - Blaenau 0

In the semi final, Bro Enlli were our opponents and neither team managed to score and the game had to be decided by penalties which was won by Bethel.

In the final Bethel defeated Blaenau by 1-0 with a goal by Shaun Owen.
Another notable achievement for the team!

Click here to see photos from the Nefyn Tournament


Saturday 10 June 2011

Bethel were placed in a tough group alongside Llanrug, Penrhosgarnedd and Bontnewydd. The results of the group games were

Bethel 5 - Llanrug 2
Bethel 1 - Penrhosgarnedd 0
Bethel 3 - Bontnewydd 0

In the semi-final Bethel played a very good Nantlle Vale side and despite playing extra time, there was no separating the sides and it ended 0-0. So to the dreaded penalties and for once Bethel were victorius with Jack cooly slotting home the winning penalty.

In the final Bethel once again played Llanrug and this time won 3-1, with goals from Iwan (2) and Shaun (1).

Congratulations to the whole team for deservedly being crowned Gwyrfai Tournament Champions and who played some of the best football I've seen them play.


under 11 gwyrfai tournament



Wednesday 11 May 2011
Bethel A 0 - Bontnewydd 5

Thursday 12 May 2011
Bethel B 1 - Cae Glyn Du 5

Scorer: Nathan

Saturday 7 May 2011
Bethel B 1 - Deiniolen 5
Scorer: Owain Thomas

Tuesday 3 May 2011
Mynydd Tigers A 1 - Bethel A 1
Scorer: Jack

Mynydd Tigers B 1 - Bethel A B
Scorer: Ioan

Wednesday 20 April 2011
Bethel A 2 - Nantlle Vale 3
Scorers: Jack, Gethin Jones

Thursday 14 April 2011

Waunfawr B 1 - Bethel B 3
Scorers: Nathan, Sara, Dion

Waunfawr A 0 - Bethel A 11
Scorers: Shaun (5), Gethin Jones (3), Getin Parry (2), Jack

Tuesday 5 April 2011
Llanberis 3 - Bethel A 5
Scorers: Gethin Jones 2, Iwan 2, Shaun

Saturday 2 April 2011
Bethel A 5 - Felinheli 0
Scorers: Shaun (3), Sion (2)

Bethel B 4 - Waunfawr B 1
Scorers: Huw, Owain, Nathan (2)

Saturday 26 March 2011
Bethel A 2 - Penrhosgarmedd 3
Scorers: Shaun, Jack

Friday 25 March 2011
Bethesda 3 - Bethel B 3
Scorers: Gethin P, Gethin J, Elin

Saturday 19 March 2011
Cae Glyn Coch 1 - Bethel B 6
Scorers: Nathan (4), Owain, Elin

Llanrug A 0 - Bethel A 1
Scorer: Shaun

Saturday 5 March 2011
Bethel A 2 - Cae Glyn A 2
Scorers: Iwan, Shaun

Bethel B 0 - Bontnewydd B 2

Saturday 12 February 2011
Bethel A 2 - Mynydd Tigers A 1
Scorers: Ben, Shaun

Bethel B 3 - Myydd Tigers B 6
Scorers: Nathan, Dion, Ruben

Saturday November 13 2010
Nantlle Vale 0 - Bethel A 4
Scorers: Shaun Owen (3), Gethin Parry

Saturday 16 October
Penrhos A 1 - Bethel A 4
Scorers: Gethin Jones 2 Shaun Owen 2

Bethel B 3 - Bethesda 3
Scorers: Dion 2, Nathan 1

Saturday 9 October
Bethel A 3 - Llanrug A 1
Scorers: Iwan 2, Sion Bullock 1

Bethel B 3 - Cae Glyn Coch 1
Scorers: Dion 2, Ruben 1

Saturday 2 October
Bethel A-6 Llanberis-1
Scorers: Gethin Jones (3), Jack, Iwan, Sion Bullock

Bethel B-2 Penrhos-5
Scorers: Dion, Reuben

Saturday 25 September
Bethel A 1 - Cae Glyn A 3
Scorer: Shaun Owen

Bontnewydd B 1 - Bethel B 1
Scorer: Huw Gwyn

Results 2010 - 2011

Sunday 5th June 2011
Holyhead Tournament Winners Under 12

Two teams from Bethel participated in the competition, red and blue.

There were great performances from the whole team, Gwion John in front of goal helped the blue team to successes against strong teams from the Island by winning 8 of their 9 games to lift the trophy.

Bethel Blues beat Bontnewydd 2-1 in the semi-final and then beat a strong Amlwch side 1-0 in the final.


tim dan 12

Thanks to the boys for their efforts and for working so hard during the day


Friday 27 May 2011

Gwyrfai Chwarae Teg Cup Final
Bethel 7: 1 Mynydd Tigers


tim dan 12

Bethel started well, keeping the ball and having chances on goal. Then came a penalty for the Tigers which to Bethel's relief they missed. 15 minutes into the game, Bethel failed to clear which resulted in a corner for Mynydd and a goal. 1-0 down.

Gwion John broke through 5 minutes later and scored his 40th goal of the season. 1-1. 5 minutes later Bethel broke from their own half. Gwion John's shot hit the bar, then Jamie Rhys struck the bar, then a second strike from Gwion John into the net for his second

2-1 to Bethel at half time.

The second half was a different game. Bethel decided to pass the ball and the goals came. Cai Maxwell scored immediately after the restart - and had a great game on the left wing. Gwion John then scored his 8th hat-trick of the season - a tremendous feat Gwion.

Bethel's passing was outstanding the defence strong and relentless. Gwion scored two goals in the space of 2 minutes, with the Mynydd lads tiring. Jamie Rhys scored Bethel's sixth and Gwion John the Man of the Match, scored his 5th, Bethel 7th with only 2 minutes left.

The final whistle game and the cup deservedly to Bethel. A succesful season for the under 12's, 105 goals in 20 games and there is reason to celebrate.

Jamie Rhys the captain lifted the trophy and Bethel's celebrations began. Well done boys.


Wednesday 25 May 2011

Bethel 2: 1 Felinheli
Scorers: Gwion John Williams, Sion Alun Jones

In the strong wind, passing to feet was difficult for both teams. Gwion John opened the scoring after 10 minutes with a firm strike to the back of the net.

The rain arrived and the wind and rain had an impact on the game, creating difficulties for both teams. From a free kick at the edge of the box, Sion Alun produced a great strike that went over the keeper to the corner of the net. A fantastic goal Sion.

The two teams battled until half time and for over 25 minutes of the second half. Felin scored with 5 minutes remaining to produce a nervous last 5 minutes for Bethel.

Man of the Match was Danny Jones for his strong performance in defence.


Thursday 19 May 2011

Penrhos 2 : 4 Bethel
Scorers: Gwion John 2, Gwion Lowe, Jamie Rhys

An entertaining game between two determined teams. There was nothhing to separae the team in first half with Bethel and Penrhos competing for every call although Bethel did miss several good chances. The first goal game for Bethel after 20 minutes with a fierce shot to the top of the goal from Gwion John. Penrhos equalised 5 minutes later just a few minutes from half time with a great goal themselves. 1-1 at half time.

Bethel made a few changes at half time with Gwion Lowe coming on as substitute. Five minutes into the second half Gwion received the ball in the bocs, turned and shot past the goalkeeper, 2-1 to Bethel. Bethel controlled the game after this although Penrhos had several opportunities to run at the Bethel defence. With 5 minutes remaining in a close competitive game, Gwion John scored his second for Bethel. A minute later, Bethel broke clear and this time Jamie Rhys (the captain for the game) scored Bethel's 4th. With only a munute left, following a break from the Penrhos number 7, the Bethel defence failed to clear and Penrhos scored their second.

Man of the Match was Gwion Lowe for his vital goal immediately at the start of the second half putting Bethel ahead. Gwion provided an additional dimension to the attack by linking well with Gwion John Williams (the teams top scorer this season).


Saturday 2 April 2011

Bethel 6 : 3 Llanllyfni
Scorers: Gwion John 3, Sion Alun, Tomos Jones a Jamie Rhys

One of performances of the season against talented and strong opposition. Sion Alun Jones opened the scoring after 8 minutes following a pass back from Gwion John. Bethel continued to work hard in all areas of the field and tested the goalkeeper more than once. Despite all the efforts Llanllyfni struck back before half time.

Bethel started the second half strongly and scored twice within the first 10 minutes with a goal by Gwion John and a great strike from distance for Tomos Jones. Gwion John scored his second 10 minutes later and Bethel looked comfortable with the score at 4-1. Jamie Rhys the Bethel winger scored the 5th with a strike from distance followed by the goal of the season (another one) for Gwion John with an incredible volley into the top corner. 6: 1 with 7 minutes left and Bethel went to sleep twice and allowed Llanllyfni to score twice in the final minutes.

An exciting match played in great spirit with both teams battling for every ball. The teams showed respect to each other and to the officials.

Man of the match was Gwydion Morris who read the game well from the centre of defence and cleared everything.


Thursday 31 March 2011

Bethel 15 : 2 Llanrug

Scorers: Gwion John 6, Brandon Owen 2, Sion Alun 2, Cai Maxwell 2, Jamie Rhys 1, Tomos Jones 1, Iwan Jones 1.

The Bethel boys totally controlled the match and scored with each opportunity. A game played with great spirit and commitment from both sides. Llanrug deservedly scoring 2 goals.

Man of the match was Gwion John for his double hatrick


Saturday 12 March 2011

Bethel 1 : 1 Bontnewydd

An exciting game. Bethel started the game well and contained Bont in their own half for long periods. Bethel had several shots on goal but failed to score. Bontnewydd broke through and scored with their first chance. Bethel controlled the second half which followed the pattern of the first half, having many chances but failing to score. With five minutes to go Bethel were still searching for a goal. The equaliser came with only minutes left, when Gwydion Morris pushed up from defence and scored from a corner. The final few minutes were pulsating.

Cai Maxwell was man of the match for a strong performance at the back.


Saturday 5 March 2011

Bethel 15 : City Pumas 0

A faultless display from the Bethel lads. The lads played a swift passing game using the wingers well. There were 7 different scorers during the game. Gwion John netted 5 times, Tomos Jones scored 4 with a great performance this week. Gwion Lowe scored twice with Jamie Rhys, Iwan Jones and Sion Alun with one goal each and Brandon Owen scored his first goal for Bethel. The goal of the season so far came to Gwion John with a great side footed stike from an excellent pass from Jamie, a goal to remember.

Harri Jones in the goal ond needed to make one save with the defence in front of him solid throughout.

Men of the Match was shared between Tom and Danny Jones. Well done boys.


Saturday 12 February 2011

Bethel 10 - Mynydd Tigers 2

Scorers: Gwion John 4, Gwydion Morris 3, Tomos Jones, Gwion Lowe, Sion Alun

A great game. Bethel had a number of early chances before Tomos Jones scored the first for Bethel. Gwion John then scored his first of his four during the game to put Bethel 2 - 0 up. The Mynydd keeper made several excellent saves to keep the score down and the Tigers scored before half time to make it 2 - 1 at the break.

Gwydion Morris then scored from a corner right at the beginning of the second half. The Bethel lads were working very hard, and kept the Tigers in their own half. Gwion John scored 2 further goals and another one for Gwydion to take the score to 6 - 1. Mynydd responded by scoring their second and looked dangerous for a while. Iwan Jones was having a magnificent game in the centre of midfield and Jamie playing well on the wing. Gwydion came up from defence to score his third and Sion Alun, Gwion Lowe and Gwion John added to the score in the final minutes.

Iwan Jones orchestrating the play in the centre of the field was man of the match with his best performance in a Bethel shirt.


Saturday 8 January 2011

Cae Glyn 5 : 3 Bethel
Scorers: Gwion John, Sion Alun a Gwydion Morris

A great performance from the team with each player giving 100% in effort and application. There was nothing to separate the teams during the first half and the teams went in level 2 : 2 with great goals by Gwion John and a magnificent free kick by Sion Alun.

Although Bethel conceded 3 goals in the second half, the boys continued to work hard. A late goal by
Gwydion Morris brought the scores closer.

A great performance once again by man of the match Jamie Rhys.


Saturday 11 December 2010

Llanllyfni 3 - 3 Bethel
Sgorwyr: Gwion Lowe 2, Gwion John 1.

A thrilling game from the beginning. Llanllyfni scored first although it was Bethel who had the better of the play at the time. Llan scored again, but Bethel battled back with Gwion Lowe scoring before half time. The boys were competitive and Gwion Lowe scored again to bring the scores level. Harri Jones kept Bethel in the game during the second half with two excellent saves.

With 5 minutes to go, Llanllyfni broke through and scored to take the lead. Bethel threw numbers forward and Gwion John scored an excellent goal with a great strike low to the right. Three-Three and with a few minutes to go. Bethel pushed forward to the end. A well deserved drawn game.

Harri Jones was man of the match for Bethel with his brave performance in the goal.


Saturday 27 November 2010

Bontnewydd 4 - 1 Bethel
Scorer: Gwion P Lowe

An uninspiring performance by Bethel in the first half with all the goals coming before the break. Bontnewydd scored two early goals but a goal by Gwion Prys gave Bethel some hope but further lapses in midfield and the defence allowed the opposition to score again. Bont somehow gained a penalty kick and moved 3 goals ahead.

The second half was a totally different story, with Bethel controlling the game from start to finish but despite the great effort Bethel were unable to produce a goal. Gwion John was floored in the penalty area, but no punishment was awarded for the infringement. A great second half performance with Bethel demonstrating much more commitment and creativity, but the damage was done during the first half.


Saturday 16 October 2010

Mynydd Tigers 2 - 8 Bethel

The lads worked very hard for the result this week. Gwion John scored first, and went on to score 3 more goals. Jamie Williams scored the second and produced another excellent performance this week. The Tigers struck back soon after to make the score 2-1 to Bethel. Sion Alun settled the teams nerves with a fantastic individual goal just before half time. It was 4-2 with 20 minutes left and Mynydd even missed a penalty. Bethel scored 4 times in the last 20 minutes with Sion Alun again on target and Iwan Jones scored with a fine header from a free kick by Sion.

Jamie Williams was once again man of the match with a tremedous performance in all aspects of the game.


Saturday 9 October 2010

Bethel 8 - 2 Penrhos

A great performance from the whole team this week. Gwion John was on fire this week scoring 5 goals and fully deserved the man of the match award. Iwan Jones played well in midfield and scored 2 goals and Gwion Lowe contributed with another goal. Sion Alun Jones controlled the game excellently from centre midfield and his passing through the defence contributed to many of the goals. Once again, the defence was strong with both Nathan and Danny improving every week in the centre of the defence.


Saturday 2 October 2010

Llanrug 0 - 16 Bethel

A strong performance in front of goal from the boys. Gwion John Williams scored 7 (including 4 within 4 minutes in the second half), Rhys Grail, Gwydion Morris and Tomos Jones all scored their first goal for the club and Sion Alun Jones and Jamie Williams scored 2 each. Gwion Lowe was again on target with another two goals (5 in two games now).

Jamie Williams was man of the match, with an exceptional performance on the right wing, and his crosses constantly causing problems for the opposition.


Saturday 25 September 2010

Felinheli 0 - 5 Bethel

Scorers: Gwion P Lowe 3, Sion Alun Jones 1 (cic gosb - "freekick" gwych o du allan y blwch), Jamie R Williams 1.

Man of the Match: Gwion Lowe for his great performance in front of goal

A fantastic performance, the boys worked hard for each and played as team.
The defence looked strong and only gave the opposition one clear chance throughout the game


Saturday 18 September 2010

Bethel 0 - 7 Cae Glyn