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Bethel is a small village a few miles outside Caernarfon. The majority of the residents’ and club members’ first language is welsh and therefore Welsh has a prominence in all club activities including this web-site. The club junior club has over 100 members (from both sexes) and includes members from as young as 4 up to 16 years old.

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23.08.2018 - Bethel launches a new web-site!

In 2003 Bethel won “Best Soccer Website Worldwide” on the former web-site”. Here is the version of the web-site with once again huge thanks to Delwedd for their support

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The Club

100 Club Draw October 2019

£50- Carys Parry (2)
£30- Jen Roberts (27)
£20- Bethan Williams (89)



Under 14 - Gwyrfai League Co-champions
Under 16 - Gwyrfai League Co-champions


As a small club we are dependent on the generosity of the local community, and we would like to thank all of the people and companies that have supported us in the past and are currently sponsoring our club.

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Bethel is a village about 4 miles outside the town of Caernarfon in Gwynedd, North Wales. Our junior side play their home matches at our field Cae Coed Bolyn.