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O Dan 7

Croeso i dudalen y tim dan 7 a'u hanes y tymor hwn. Diolch i'r rheolwyr a'r hyfforddwyr am eu gwaith caled gyda nhw. 

Canlyniadau Tymor 2017 - 2018

Nos Iau 21 Mehefin 2018

y timau

Ar nos Iau 21/6 daeth tîm dan 6 a dan 7 at eu gilydd ar gae Ysgol Bethel am gêm gyfeillgar. Roedd pawb yn mwynhau!

Bethel Football Club - Under 7's 2016-17
Here we are at the start of the new season 2016-17 and the team are looking forward to starting training with Andrew and showing their new kit.

The team have received a kit through the McDonalds scheme and are very lucky to have Cled and Susan sponsoring them this season.

Thank you to Cled and Susan (Taid a Nain)!

In the team this season are:

Deio, Steffan ac Adam (back, left to right)
Max a Riley (front, left to right)


Many congratulations to this seasons under 7’s, they played 20 games, winning each one and scored 204 goals without counting the numerous tournaments. Well done to you all and all the best for next season with a goal keeper.


dan 7
dan 7
A Picture of the boys after the game against Llanrug. Pouring with rain.
Rio and Tomi supporting the boys in the rain!!
dan 7
dan 7

Bethel Under 7’s relaxing after the Gwyrfai tournament

dan 7
Deio, Andrew (Dad) and Sion (Taid) sheltering from the rain.

The team have enjoyed and been succesful in the tournaments below:
5/5/17 – Bangor 3G tournament
28/4/17 - Gwyrfair Tournament
21/4/17 – Bangor 3G tournament
Although the season has come to an end, the team will be taking part in tournaments at Cae Glyn, Llanrug and Bethesda during June before competing in a summer tournament with a goalkeeper as preparation for next season. All the best boys!

Friay 12 May 2017
1st game: Bethel (6) V Llanrug (3)
Scorers: Max (1) Riley (1) Steffan (1) Deio (2) Caio (1)

We welcomed Caio tonight as Adam was on holidays. It was a great start for Caio as he scored within seconds of coming onto the field. There was no second game tonight as it was pouring with rain. Well done boys for persevering despite the rain, the had fun!

Saturday 22 April 2017
1st game: Llanberis (3) V Bethel (4)
2nd game: Llanberis (0) V Bethel (7)
Scorers: Max (3) Riley (2) Seffan (3) Deio (2) OG (1)

Saturday 11 Mawrth 2017
1st game: Llandwrog (0) V Bethel (3)
2nd game: Llandwrog (1) V Bethel (7)
Scorers: Max (3) Riley (2) Steffan (5)

Saturday 04 Mawrth 2017
1st game: Bethel (7) V Mynydd Tigers (0)
2nd game: Bethel (13) V Mynydd Tigers (0)
Scorers: Max (6) Riley (1) Steffan (5) Deio (8)
Roedd y tîm yn colli Adam heddiw gan ei fod i ffwrdd ar ei wyliau.

Saturday 28 Ionawr 2017
1st game: Segontiwm (1) V Bethel (11)
Scorers: Max (4) Riley (2) Steffan (3) Deio (1) Adam (1)

Saturday 21 Ionawr 2017
1st game: Bethel (14) V Bethesda (0)
Scorers: Max (4) Riley (2) Steffan (5) Deio (2)

Saturday 14 Ionawr 2017
1st game: Bethel (4) V Cae Glyn (2)
2nd game: Bethel (2) V Cae Glyn (2)
Scorers: Max (1) Steffan (3) Deio (1) Adam (1)

Nos Wener 30/12/16 - Twrnament gyfeillgar ar gae 3G Bangor
Llwyddodd yr hogia' i chwarae yn dda iawn yn erbyn timau lleol heno ar gae 3G Bangor.
Diolch yn fawr i Mathew Roberts a drefnodd y noson.

dan 6
dan 6

The team had been very fortunate to have Redline indoor karting to sponsor very smart waterproof jackets. The lads and their parents would like to thank Rich (Max's Taid), John and Jimmy for their generosity and support and to Sharon (Max's Nain) for ensuring the jackets arrived before the winter weather. The lads were invited to Cibyn to the go karting centre to receive their new jackets, chocolate and drink. They were in their element standing on the podium. Well done.


Friday evening, a friendly tournament on Bangor's 3G pitch.

The lads gave a good account of themselves against local teams held on Bangor's 3G pitch. Thanks for Mathew Roberts who organised the evening.

dan 7
dan 7
The all important team talks!!
dan 7
dan 7
A picture of Mali helping Dad (Andew) after supporting her brother Deio. Thank you Mali.
The boys happy after a good evening of games

Saturday 10 December 2016
This was the last game before the Christmas at Glan Moelyn, Llanrug.
Llanrug (3) - Bethel(4)
Scorers: Steffan (2) Max (2)

Llanrug (0) V Bethel (1)
Scorer: Max (1)

A good season so far for the boys with everyone getting enjoyment in a friendly atmosphere, and the weather has been kind. There is a lot of fun to be had on cold days. Everyone is looking forward to returning to training and the first game of the new year on the 7th January at Llanberis.

Saturday 19 November 2016
Bethel (5) - Felinheli (1)
Scorers: Riley (2) Max (2) Steffan (1)

Bethel (5) - Felinheli (0)
Scorer: Steffan (3) Max (2)

Saturday 12 November 2016
Bontnewydd (0) - Bethel (4)
Scorers: Deio (1) Max (1) Riley (2)

Bontnewydd (1) V Bethel (9)
Scorers: Deio (3) Steffan (2) Riley (2) Max (1) OG (1)

Saturday 5 November 2016
Bethel (9) - Talysarn (1)
Scorers: Riley (2) Max (4) Steffan (3)

Bethel (7) - Talysarn (0)
Scorers: Max (3) Riley (2) Steffan (1) Adam (1)

Saturday 22 October 2016
Bethel (10) - Llandwrog (0)
Scorers: Steffan (4) Max (3) Deio (1) Riley (2)

Bethel (2) - Llandwrog (0)
Scorers: Riley (1) Steffan (1)

Saturday 15 October 2016
Mynydd Tigers (0) - Bethel (5)
Scorers: Max (2) Steffan (1) Riley (1) Deio (1)

Mynydd Tigers (0) V Bethel (2)
Scorers: Steffan (1) Riley (1)

Saturday 8 October 2016
Bethel (10) - Waunfawr (0)
Scorers: Steffan (4) Max (3) Riley (1) Deio (1) Adam (1)

Bethel (9) - Waunfawr (1)
Scorers: Steffan (4) Deio (3) Riley (1) Max (1)

Saturday 1 October 2016

Penrhosgarnedd (1) V Bethel (6)
Scorers: Max (3), Steffan (2), Deio (1)

In the middle of the rain, the team managed to play well together securing another victory. One game was enough this morning!

Saturday 24 September 2016

Bethel (8) V Segontiwm (0)
Bethel (10) V Segontiwm (2)

Our first home game of the season. The team played fantasic, well done to the boys!

Saturday 17 September 2016

Bethesda (0) V Bethel (8)
Scorers: Max (5), Steffan, Deio (2)

Bethesda (1) V Bethel (11)
Scorers: Steffan, Max (3), Riley (4), Deio (3)

Good games on the Bethesda field this morning. Well done to Bethesda playing for the first time.

Saturday 10 September 2016

Cae Glyn (1) V Bethel (2)
Scorers: Max (2)

Cae Glyn (1) V Bethel (4)
Scorers: Max, Steffan (2), Deio

The first game of season, and like the previous season we were playing at Syr Hugh against Cae Glyn. The boys were looking forward and were full of energy.
The boys managed to win both games and everyone was in good spirits.